About the Academy  

We are ...

An Earth Temple celebrating the life and beauty in this realm.
The lunar cycles and seasonal changes are rhythms we follow, bringing the balance and wisdom of nature.

Free to name our Gods, Goddesses, angels, or totems as our spirit leads, without judgement of others’ paths.

Vowed to live our lives with harm to none, and goodwill to everyone.

We honor the four Directions - Elements / Watchtowers, as well as the balance between the Masculine Divine and the Feminine Divine.

Here to love this realm! To love and care for the Earth, each other, our animal friends, the air, water, rocks and fire, even the unseen that co-exist among us.

A lawful ministry of the Universal Life Church.

Led by Priestess Debi LeFaye , ordained minister, reader of the Tarot, teacher, author, and musician.

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